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When football kits clash changes are inevitable: a history of soccer disasters

FLASHBACK looks at football kit changes. When both teams are wearing the ame kit,

Are you Crystal Palace in disguise?

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Crystal Palace v Barnsley - Selhurst Park

There’s only one conceivable reason why any of the 21,281 spectators at Selhurst Park are likely to remember Saturday’s match between Crystal Palace and Barnsley: both team played in Palace kits. The Eagles played in their usual red-and-blue and the Tykes donned Palace’s yellow away shirt. Whether they took advantage of the 30 percent reduction in the club shop is not known. In the event both teams played like Palace and failed to score.

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The lower-league legends who played for England

THEY came from nowhere… Meet the lower-league legends who graced the highest stage of all.

Wilfried Zaha’s call-up to the full England squad has raised eyebrows among those accustomed to the Premier League closed shop that has become the norm in recent times. But there are historical precedents for the Crystal Palace wide man’s sudden rise to fame – and not all the lower-league debutants are from the dim and distant past…

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In Photos: what World War Two did to Coventry

IN World War Two, the Germans bombed Coventry. On November 15, 1940, the German Luftwaffe bombed Coventry to destruction. Coventry was at the fore of British industry. But the German bombed indiscriminately. They bombed all night long. This was total warfare. They bombed homes, hospitals, cinemas and shelters. St Michael’s, Coventry Cathedral, was destroyed.

Thousands of homes were ruined. Hundreds of people killed.

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Local News: police find nothing in Coventry

LOCAL News Story of the day arrives in the Coventry Telegraph where the story is that police have found nothing:

Police hunt in Tile Hill woodland “turns up nothing of interest”

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Man saves life with packet of hot cross buns

TO the Coventry area, where fireman John Bird has used packet of hot cross buns to save the life of one Jack Edwards, 89, who had collapsed in the Aldi supermarket car park in Radford.

Mr Edwards had stopped breathing for several minutes. His skin turned blue. Mr Bird, 37,  spotted the fallen man and also the six-pack of hot cross buns, which had fallen from Mr Edwards’ bags. Bird used the buns to keep the victim’s airway open before using CPR.

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Lady Godiva Turned In Coventry: Coco Austin Approves

THE statue in Coventry of the naked Lady Godiva sat atop an equally naked horse is to be turned. Lady Godiva, like Coco Austin and Dolly Parton, would have appreciated the chance to remind one and all that she was more than a one trick pony.

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Coventry Man With Craving For Cigarette Butts Heads Straight For Road

MEET Jay Easthope, 25, from Whitefriars, Coventry, who eats cigarette butts.

Mr Easthtrope has pica an eating disorder manifest in a craving for cigarette dog ends.

Jay’s father, Gordon, 66, wan people to stop dropping them near his home. He explains:

“It can be incredibly dangerous for me and Jay. If he spots a cigarette butt in the road in the morning he’ll remember where it is in the evening.

”Even if it’s dark he’ll find it and he’s like a rocket. He won’t look left and right, he’ll just head straight for the road.

“He’s 14-and-a-half stone and when he wants something he’s virtually impossible to stop.”

Are cigarette butts fattening?

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Coventry Animal Lover Places Cat Safely In Bin For Laughs

ARE you the Mr Bean fan tossing a cat into a bin in Coventry? This is sick. If we all went about tossing things in other people’s bins, what would become of the world then, eh?

Thank God that we British are a suspicious lot and routinely film old ladies petting cats. If it was not for the diligence of the Great British peeping Tom or voyeur, we would not get to see video of the old woman wantonly using another person’s wheelie bin, albeit, allegedly, to keep a cat safe from pelt thieves. (Because cats have nine lives, was this bin a recycling bin, in accordance with the law?)

Lola the cat’s owners, Stephanie and Darryl Mann, says the moggie was inside the bin for 15 hours.

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