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Lancashire Police Officer Who Electrocuted Innocent Blind Man Keeps His Taser

COLIN Farmer was 63 when he was handcuffed by police October 12, 2012. He is partially sighted. He carries a white stick.

But one copper, a PC Stuart Wright, thought that white stick looked like a samurai sword. PC Wright is not partially sighted. But he might be mentally negligible.

Mr Farmer “posed no threat” as he walked to the pub in Chorley, in Lancashire.

But police has been called. A passer-by had mistakenly thought Mr Farmer was carrying a weapon.

Soon, PC Wright arrived. He saw Mr Farmer. He shot his taser at Mr Farmer.

As his victim lay prone on the ground, the copper told a colleague, who had arrived later: “I think I’ve got the wrong person.”

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Lack Of Working Pens Triggers Crime Spree At Irish Police Station

irish police pen
FEW below middle-age cannot understand the irritation of not being able to find a working pen. The youth have iPads and creepy Google goggles to record the everyday, but for many nothing beats the pen when you need to sign a name of jot something down quickly.
Not finding a working pen can lead to a rage.
Mindful of that, we hear of goings on at Henry Street police station in Limerick, Ireland. Members at Limerick Court have heard stories of pen-related incidents at the station. One not isolated incident featured a defendant attending the garda station to sign on as a condition of his bail relating to a separate matter. At the police desk, the man was told that there was no available pen for him to use. He should go home, and return with his own pen.

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Man Stabs Fellow Diner In Row Over Table Settings

setting knives

IN a scene that could be from Downton Abbey After Dark, Edward William Bright of the Richland County, South Carolina Bright, and another man are debating the crockery.

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Police seek female thief who wore fake moustache to steal perfume in Salisbury

moustache woman
TO Salisbury, where police are seeking a woman in connection with the theft of a bottle of perfume from a branch of Boots. Police say the woman wears a fake nose and moustache.
Police can be so judgemental.

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