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Police issue warning after burglar cooks eggs in the nude

THE problem with most criminals is that they’re boring. Mere smash ‘n’ grabs aren’t good enough in 2013. Our current crims won’t ever match the glamour of Hollywood diamond thieves and the like, so they need to get creative.

So thank the stars for the burglar in Vancouver who decided to break into someone’s house and, instead of making off with a flatscreen TV or PS3, they made their way to the kitchen and made themselves some supper.

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Posted: 5th, July 2013 | In: Strange But True | Comment (1)

Stupid criminals steal van filled with corpses


WE live to mock criminals on The Anorak because they can’t do a thing about it. If they’re good criminals, they’re still active and uncaught, so they’re not going to appear from their hidey-holes telling us how wrong they are… and if they’re bad, they’ll get doubly mocked.

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Posted: 30th, May 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment