Anorak News | Stupid criminals steal van filled with corpses

Stupid criminals steal van filled with corpses

by | 30th, May 2013


WE live to mock criminals on The Anorak because they can’t do a thing about it. If they’re good criminals, they’re still active and uncaught, so they’re not going to appear from their hidey-holes telling us how wrong they are… and if they’re bad, they’ll get doubly mocked.

It’s a wonderful system.

And so, to a group of preposterously simple-minded thieves who have been caught by the police after accidentally stealing a van of dead people.

Three stupid gits aged between 25 and 27 broke into a Mercedes Sprinter van and made off with it, thinking that they were home free and richer than Rick Ross.

However, they didn’t know that their booty actually belonged to the rotting cadavers in the back.

And now, these dimwits face up to four years in jail as well as a fine of €4,000 each. All for stealing 12 German corpses that were on their way to be cremated.

Imagine the mocking laughter these bozos are going to have to live with while they rattle their tin cups against the bars of their cells.


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