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David Cameron In Afghanistan Is Grabba Ma Selling Houses, In Pictures

MORE on David Cameron’s visit to Afghanistan. Like Prince Charles, every picture of David Cameron screams out for a speech bubble. Cameron is a man ideally suited to captions. Who can but look at this picture of Dave in a jumper and jeans combo his grandpa bequeathed him and not imagine what the squaddies behind are thinking? More photos are emerging of Dave wandering aimlessly in Afghanistan in an estate agent’s suit, a Grabber Ma given the shiny-cheeked appearance of being alive. Enjoy all these photos and do offer up your captions – picture number 6 is fabulous.


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PHOTO MUST NOT BE PUBLISHED BEFORE EMBARGOED TIME DUE TO SECURITY REASONS EMBARGOED TO 1800 FRIDAY DECEMBER 4 Conservative Party leader David Cameron meets British soldiers at the Task Force Helmand HQ in Lashkar Gah where he met military chiefs and visited a wheatseed distribution Centre helping local farmers out of poppy production.

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