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David Cameron News Round Up: Bitterness, Spite And Envy

DAVID Cameron is the Prime Minister. And Britain rejoices. No not because Dave is in but because Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell are out. And because the news media had not idea about anything during the election – hyping the importance of their TV debates which turned out to be an utter waste of time – let’s see what they have to say about things now:

In Pictures: David Cameron Becomes Prime Minister To Queen’s Delight

Simon Heffer:

In all the debate about who lost the election, let us be reckless and predict who is going to lose the next one: the Liberal Democrats. The absurdity of this party has long been clear to many of us. It is an almost impossible coalition, as a body composed of people of such a particular temper must always be. It split over Ireland in 1886. In 1918, it split between Asquithian and Lloyd George Liberals. It even had a little split in the late 1980s, when a few militant beardies went off and separated themselves from the party that became the Liberal Democrats. We genuine Gladstonians start to despair of it.

Sexy politicians

Kevin Maguire is bitter:

Once Cameron and his useful idiot Clegg start slashing services, the Brown years will acquire a rosier glow.

Everything from tax credits to rebuilt schools and children’s centres to new hospitals and winter fuel allowances owe something to Brown.

And what Gord giveth, Dave and Nick will taketh away.

The Lib Dems will never be forgiven for missing a chance to forge a consensus with Labour.

Clegg’s a clever bloke so wasn’t duped. The Lib Dem leader’s judgement failed him.

FIGHT: Adam Boulton (Sky News) v Alastair Campbell (Labour)

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