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Kanye West On Suicide Watch As Obama Diss Pushes Him Closer To Edge

IN Kanye West’s “SUICIDE FEAR”, the NE tells readers that pop brat Kanye West will be visiting Switzerland, place of civic pride and suicide, to whisper in the ears of the morbid:

“Yo Hemingway, I’m really happy for you. I’ll let you finish, but Hitler had one of the best suicides of all time.”

The trust is no less shocking. As an “expert” tells us that the “disgraced rapper needs help for mental illness.”

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Debbie Purdy Wins Right To Her Own Body

7651527DEBBIE Purdy suffers from multiple sclerosis. She has forced the Crown Prosecution Service to reveal under what circumstances her husband could be prosecuted if he she took her own life at the Dignitas euthanasia clinic in Switzerland.

Overlook the question of who owns Mrs Purdy’s body, and listen as she says:

“I’m ecstatic – I feel like I’ve been given a reprieve. I want to live my life to the full, but I don’t want to suffer unnecessarily at the end of my life. This decision means that I can make an informed choice, with Omar, about whether he travels abroad with me to end my life because we will know exactly where we stand.”

Good news, then, for Mrs Purdy and, one images, her husband who can remain within the law should he choose to help his wife end her life. And how does the Daily Mail celebrate her victory?

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