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Democrat convention: woman catches fire stomping on burning US Flag

Meanwhile…at the Democrat Party’s convention, a woman stomping on a burning US flag caught fire.

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Democrats who wants to ban profits

DEMOCRATS who wants to ban profits:

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Ezra Klein: How the Race was Won

EZRA Klein on how the race was won:

Spencer Ackerman asks, “Remember in 2003 and 2004, when there was all this talk about how the Democrats were in danger of no longer being a national party?” I do remember that. I also remember how Democrats had to get religion if they ever wanted to be competitive again. I also remember how they had to appeal to the white heartland by nominating candidates more culturally recognizable to rural voters. Instead, they went in the opposite direction, running a candidate who was recognizable to the majority coalition Democrats hoped to have in 10 years.

Be brave and let all sides speak their minds. You might just win…

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You Can Vote However You Like

IN case you forgot…

Enough! Enough! Vote already…

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Two Democrats Are On An Escaltor

TWO Democrats are on an escalator…


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Seven Republican Jokes For Every One About Democrats.

JOKES are important in the US Race for the White House:

If you’re a fan of Jay Leno or David Letterman, you may already know this: You have to listen to seven Republican jokes for every one the late-night comedians tell about Democrats.


Obama And McCain Laugh It Up All The Way To Russia


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Philly’s Obama Supporters Vote Against Him

VOTE Obama. You support him. But you won’t vote for him:

How tough is it for Democrats to sell Barack Obama in Northeast Philadelphia? Here’s one measure: One of their own ward leaders isn’t convinced yet.

Lorraine Bednarek, Democratic leader of the 64th Ward, in Northeast Philadelphia, may not vote for her party’s candidate.

“To be honest, I’m not sure,” Bednarek said in a phone interview when asked if she would vote for Obama. “I’ve always voted Democrat. That’s why this election is very difficult for me.”

With friends like thsoe…

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