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Devon graffiti watch: who wrote ‘Gingers smel of piss’? on the B3227?

devon graffiti


Is all graffiti wrong? The Plymouth Herald says “RUDE graffiti” has been scrawled on a Devon road.


The message went:

‘Gingers smel of piss”


The misspelled statement was daubed on the B3227 between the village of Chittlehampton and Holsworthy.

Who did it? And why didn’t they alter the sign to Chittlehampton to say Shittlehampton?

It’s a mystery.

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Devon Man Guilty Of Possessing 9 Pence Worth Of Cannabis

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 07.43.30


TO North Devon Magistrates’s court, where Christopher Saunders, is answering the charge of being in with possession of nine pence worth of cannabis, roughly 0.09 grams of prohibited drugs.

Tim Hook for the defence, argues:

“If I close one’s eyes and try to imagine nine hundredths of a gram it is a very difficult thing to fasten your mind on. I think it is a quantity that is barely capable of measurement… I am staggeringly surprised it couldn’t have been dealt with by way of a caution at the police station, when so many things are.”

Mr Saunders pleads guilty. He is awarded a conditional discharge.

The war on drugs goes on…

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Woman And Tiger Caught Having Sex In Devon Toilet


“THERE was a couple in the baby changing room having full blown sex,” says grandmother Maryanne Saunders of goings on in a public toilet in Dawlish, Devon. The man was dressed as Tigger, from the Winnie The Pooh books.


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Devon abolishes the apostrophe – sticklers for good English take their markers

apostrophe devon

MID-Devon District Council has abolished the apostrophe from all new street names. This will “avoid potential confusion”. It does not say who might be confused.

Tiverton’s Beck’s Square and Blundell’s Avenue, and Cullompton’s St George’s Well were “all named many, many years ago”, and can retain their apostrophes. But new street names will not feature the grammar. 

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A ban on orchestrated public praying is good for believers in intolerance

WHY do people pray in public? Is it to communicate with God or with the rest of humanity? Orchestrated public praying is a bit odd, isn’t it? We ask in light of a High Court judge Mr Justice Ouseley’s ruling in favour of a case brought by the National Secular Society (NSS) and a former councillor. They complained that orchestrated acts of prayer in the chambers of town and city halls were not on. The judge agreed. He said:

“I do not think the 1972 Act… should be interpreted as permitting the religious views of one group of councillors, however sincere or large in number, to exclude, or even to a modest extent, to impose burdens on or even to mark out those who do not share their views and do not wish to participate in their expression of them. They are all equally elected councillors.”

This means no council in England or Wales will be free to hold prayers as part of its formal proceedings because prayer is deemed ‘not useful’ to its work.

Clive Bone was the trigger for this bansturbation. Bone, a non-believer, was a Bideford town councillor in Devon. He left because of the council’s “refusal to adjust” its prayer policy. He put his case:

“I wouldn’t have had a problem if it was like when people say grace at a meal, but they had a vicar or a minister in who gave a minisermon and chanted prayers. You could tell that people were cringing.”

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Devon Shopkeeper Tells Hooded Thief: ‘Either Use The knife Or Piss Off’

WE join the action as the hooded thugs enters The News Shop in Fisher Street, Paignton, Devon. Owner,  Brian Hammond, 68, is there. The thugs pulls a a six-inch “butcher-style” knife. He wants the money from the till.

Mr Hammond replies:

“Use the knife or piss off.”

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Joss Stone Escapes Being Taken To Manchester – Fiat Drivers Arrested

JOSS Stone is fine. The singer of urban songs who lives in Devon has not been kidnapped by two men from Manchester. Two Northern men did not try to reconnect her with her musical roots. But they have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to rob the singer.

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Facebook Sex Paedos: Jake Ormerod, The Daily Mail And Desktop Perverts

FACEBOOK. SEX. Gangs. Children. The Daily Mail’s front-page headline is heavy of buzzwords:


The news is base don goings on in Devon. A letter has been sent to students at schools in Torquay, Paignton and Teignbridge. Local man Jake Ormerod, 19, (Sky says he’s 20) has been charged with engaging or inciting a girl to in sexual activity and of sexual touching. Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating offences against as many as “vulnerable children“.

Says the Mail:

Parents of 16,000 pupils have been sent stark letters warning that internet predators may be trying to groom their children for sex.

Paedos on the web is getting to be like cancer and cigarettes. You know cigarettes are bad for your health, and thanks to the media you know paedophiles use the internet to make contact with children.

Police believe at least 20 pupils – and fear as many as 50 – have been ensnared on Facebook and other social networking sites over the past three years.

But the Mail makes Facebook the enabler. Were the children ensnared on Facebook? Can you be trapped on a website that can be unplugged?

The victims are thought to have been plied with drink and drugs before being abused or raped. Some were as young as 12.

On Facebook? Is there a “ply” button on Facebook?

In a bombshell letter, signed by headteachers, parents were told there was no need for alarm. But it added: ‘The safety of your child is never more important than at this crucial time.’

No need for alarm. Unless you read the Mail. Or heed the words of Torbay councillor Jenny Faulkner, billed as – get this – “children’s champion”:

“Children need to be careful and vigilant. If they are going home, they should go straight there. Don’t go about alone – go in groups of twos or threes or fours.’ And she urged worried parents: ‘Just watch your children.”

How’s that for championing the kids – sending them straight home in fear? Worried mums and dads may care to read Sky’s report:

Parents have also been reassured that the investigation did not involve individuals grabbing children from the street – they believe that the people responsible know the youngsters involved.

Detective Inspector Simon Snell says:

“There appears to have been all manner of grooming taking place, which may have occurred on the internet,’” he added. “We are keeping an open mind with regards to Facebook, Bebo and other internet sites. We have interviewed around 20 children so far with regard to offences connected with child exploitation. We may deploy officers to interview further children.”

So. How did the Mail arrive at “50” children being victims? Is 20 not enough? And then there is this gem:

Detectives have dismissed links with other inquiries of a similar nature such as that of Asian sex gangs in the Midlands and North.

So, why mention it..?

Updates: Jake Ormerod And The Devon Paedos: The Letter The Council Sent To Schools In Full

The Idiotic Jake Ormerod Represents A Failed Justice System

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Man Jailed For Painting Woman’s Face With Nail Varnish And KY Jelly In Devon

IAN Mahoney daubed sleeping Nicola Parle’s face and hair with the nail varnish, Vicks vapour rub and KY Jelly. They are in Teignmouth, Devon, in March, 2010. Parle has taken two sleeping pills.

Parle wakes up. She is not amused. She calls the police. And so we arrive at Exeter Crown Court.

Mahoney, 32, of Hammersmith, has already admitted a charge of causing actual bodily harm.

Says Prosecutor James Taghdissian:

“When she woke at 6am she was unable to open her eyes and panicked. She touched her face and hair and felt grease and other things. She managed to get to the bathroom and washed her face so she could open her eyes, then she phoned a friend to come to her assistance.”

Mahoney says he only did it in a “fun way”.

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PC Osama Bin Laden: Terror Chief Joins Cornwall Liberation Army

IT’S the seventh anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers.

And the tabloid press have saved their story of Chief Supt Colin Terry’s decision to dress up as Osama bin Laden.

The Express (front page) says Terry is being “investigated” (and not just by the tabloids) for his “inappropriate and unacceptable” actions when last Saturday he dressed up as Bin Laden for the village fete in Grampound, Cornwall.

That’s Mr Terry “having the time of his life” stood among the jam jars and face painters. But better than this is Mr Terry’s apology:

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