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The solid platinum dummy is must for Liverpool mums, like Coleen Rooney

IN readiness for the birth of Coleen Rooney’s child – Mrs Wayne Rooney once tweeted “Stressful nursery run! #jetlag”, leading us to wonder how far the rich got to educate their children – Liverpool jewellers Russell & Case has produced a solid platinum dummy. The dummy weighs more than two hundred and fifty grammes, and is yours for £54,000. Of course, given the experience, it would be any idea to secure the dummy to the child’s ermine babygrow with a something suitable, like a string of pearls or the contents of Mr T’s safe…

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We have not been exporting manufacturing Jobs – it’s the machines, dummy

WE have not been exporting manufacturing jobs. Richard Sennett, a professor of sociology at LSE and professor of social science at MIT, writes in the Guardian:

It’s no mystery why Europe is short of work. Save on its northern rim, Europe 30 years ago began exporting manufacturing jobs to other parts of the world

I do worry about the old Alma Mater at times you know. This is one of the senior professors at the place I did my economics degree. And it is difficult to be more wrong than this and still have the intellect to walk and fart at the same time.

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Anatomy Of A Climate Change Story: It’s The Economics, Dummy

WE get endless stories about how we really can beat climate change. Easy peasy. There’s always a catch somewhere in them though: for it it were easy to beat climate change then there wouldn’t be a problem, would there? It would be easy peasy.

I think my favourite along these lines was one from Greenpeace which said we can do it all with renewables by 2030 or whenever. The bit that was buried down in the details was that we’d all have to use half the energy we do now: and if that were easy we’d all already be doing it as energy bills go up past £1,000 a year per household.

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