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Transfer balls: Real Madrid ‘steal’ Chelsea’s Eden Hazard

Real Madrid have recommenced their tapping up for Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. Real coach Zinedine Zidane tells media:

“Do I see him going to Real Madrid ? Ask someone else. I love the player and that’s all.”

The Mirror says Zidane “has stepped up Real Madrid’s bid to crowbar yet another player out of the Premier League”.

Crowbar? Is the paper’s Darren Lewis deluded? Crowbar suggests a robbery, an attempt to nick the prize. No Premier League club can rival Real Madrid or Barcelona for glamour. They are European football’s ultimate clubs. Real don’t need a crowbar; they only need to beckon.

Zidane is telling Hazard he would be welcome at the mighty Real. A bid is surely inevitable. Zidane adds:

“After Messi and Ronaldo, Hazard is my favourite player. I love watching him because he is a player who creates things and it is often spectacular to see him play.”

He previously said:

“Obviously, there is Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, both of whom are spectacular, but I like Eden Hazard more. I like everything he does on the field. I like his behaviour, his decisiveness and love to see his progress every year.”

Adios, Eden.


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Transfer Balls: Eden Hazard Agrees to Stay At Chelsea If They Give Him His Favourite Number



TRANSFER Balls: The summer so far with Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

May27, Evening Standard: “Eden Hazard rejects talk of PSG switch”

Eden Hazard today dismissed the possibility of moving to Paris Saint Germain this summer…

He did?

Asked about the link with PSG, he said: “If you got to know me you’d know I’m not someone who is disturbed by it. Every year they say I’m everywhere. It’s part of the job. I focus on the World Cup which is much more important than what is said in the papers.”

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Specsavers mock Chelea’s Eden Hazard for ballboy incident

WHEN Eden Hazard kicked a ballboy in the ribs, it was… and let us all be perfectly clear on this… really funny. No-one got hurt, both looked like berks and, coupled with all the giant-killings that have gone on this week, made for the most interesting week of football in aeons!

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Joey Barton: Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was right to hit Charlie Morgan because he’s rich

JOEY ‘Allo Allo’ Barton is writing in the Times about Eden Harard’s kick on Swansea ballboy (he’s 17) Charlie Morgan. Like one Anorak readers, Barton blames bad technique and modern training methods of Hazard’s inability to launch Morgan into the upper tier of the Liberty Stadium. To which we would add, soft boots.

Says Barton:

Before we all get too carried away, we should think about the context of the incident and dish out retribution fair and square.

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Chelsea’s Eden Hazard: Foreign training methods to blame to ballboy ‘kick’

A READER writes on Chelsea ball-boy kicker Eden Hazard:

EDEN Hazard’s “kick” epitomised everything that’s wrong with football in this country.

Foreign training methods, and the emphasis on “technique”, meant that when it really mattered he could do more than administer an ineffectual flick of the foot.

Nat Lofthouse would have put his laces through the snivelling scrote and sent him bouncing off the roof of the stand.

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Chelsea’s Eden Hazard puts the Sun#’s ‘exclusive’ Inafix

MIKE McGrath has an “EXCLUSVIE” in the Sun about Eden Hazard, Chelsea’s new midfield whiz.

In “I fell into a magic football potion as a child”, McGrath tells Sun readers “exclusively”:

“It’s like Asterix and Obelix. All of us fell in the magic potion when we were younger — our dad and uncles also played football. It’s good, it means we talk a lot about football in the household.”

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How tarty Eden Hazard courted the world

EDEN Hazard is the new star of Premier League football. But before the Belgian kisses the Chelsea badge and pockets his basic pay of £100,000  a week, let’s see what he’s said about some other teams:

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