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Erika Winchester: YouTube Racist Is A Cop (Photos)

ERIKA Winchester is sending the internets crazy with her racist attack on a US postal worker called Jean Hugson, 47, on Oct. 9, 2009. He was sacked from the US Postal Service for other matters. Although he says he was fired because he is black:

“They did not want a black person in there.”

The USPS denies this.

But justice was served on Winchester (although not internet justice delivered by 4chan, the site which unearthed her identity).

On Nov. 24, 2009, the matter came before the Beak. A magistrate ruled that if Winchester behaved for a year and wrote a letter of apology the matter could lie. She wrote the letter. That year is up in a few days.

Winchester’s attorney is called Robert Jubinville. He says Hugson would not testify against Winchester. Fear? No. He was concerned for the woman.

Now it’s worse. Hugson published the videos on YouTube. And now Winchester’s under police protection:

“Because of the attention that this has gotten in the media, we feel she needs to have protection over there right now,” said Hingham police Lt. Michael Peraino.

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