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Provo Priest Father Chesney, A Sports Car And Nine Dead

FATHER James Chesney is dead. When he was alive, Chesney played a part in the 1972 bombing of Claudy. What part he played remains unclear. Nobody was ever convicted of the crime.

The bombing left nine people dead and 30 injured. It was callous.

Three bombs in all were planted in the village of Claudy, 11 miles from Derry. Bomb No. 1 exploded by McElhinney’s shop and bar on Main Street.
Bomb No2 was found. Police helped people move to safety at the Beaufort Hotel. A bomb was in a van outside the hotel.

The Provos did not claim the bombs as their own. But fingers were pointed. And they were pointed at Father Chesney?

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Posted: 24th, August 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment