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Video Music Awards Photos: Bieber, Gaga And West Out-Ponce Eurovision

IN Photos the MTV VMAs – that’s Video Music Awards, you, squares – rival the Eurovision song contest for precociousness, pomposity, vanity and vapidity.

Stick a Danish flag on Kanye West’s red suit and he’d get douche points (no typo) and laughed at.

Taylor Swift’s moribund retort to West’s taking her award last year would have had more meaning had she sung it in Russian and sat before a video of the Finnish border at midnight. And Justin Bieber looks like he should be hanging on a chain from Lady Gaga’s throat.

But because we like Eurovision, we like the VMAs. Here are the pictures of all your favourites, plus the tosspots you love to hate:

MTV Video Awards Photos: Katy Perry’s Brocade Nipples And Paglia Gags On Lady Gaga

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