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Orgasmic O’Levels: Photos Of Attractive Young Women Getting Their Results In The Media

THE GCSE results are in. And thanks to the media we know that lots of photogenic teenagers did well enough – so well that they jumped for joy. The media tells us one thing: you have to be an attractive female to do well in your exams. We could call these photos Sexy O’ Levels – but the girls are not women like those A-level honeys and that would be creepy. So we’ll go with Orgasmic O-Levels, or Stupid GCSEs… (Picture 5 is a classic.)


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Lucy Gallagher reacts after opening her GCSE exam results at West Bridgeford School, Nottingham.



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Media Delights In GCSE Results Time: Average Children Hidden From View

DEPRESSING times for students who did not do so well in their GCSEs. The media is a cruel place, full of photos of madly grinning teenagers whipped into ecstasy by a bit of paper with letters on.

The Sun rubs it in by showing readers “Little Deborah Thorpe” who was was five when she sat a maths GCSE. And she passed. Parents of less wonderful nippers may take comfort from the words of “Little’ Deborah’s” dad:

Her dad Charles, 44, from Chadwell Heath, East London, said: “We thought we might as well just give it a go. You see young people in the newspapers who have taken exams and you think, why not? I wouldn’t say maths is her favourite subject, but when she says she wants to be a doctor I tell her that she must be very good at science and maths. We want her to be outstanding and exceptional in every way.”

Anorak feels like erecting a statue of a woman holding a beacon, below her robes a plaque on which is inscribed the invitation to bring me your average , your C-graders, your middle-of the road future middle managers, taxi drivers, hairdressers and shop workers.

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Gary Glitter Teaches GCSE Students How To Sparkle

GLITTER remains on open sale, Glitter bins lurk in our parks and on our pavements and now to compound the madness Gary Glitter is to be studied by GCSE students.

And not students of crime, rather students in music.

“OUTRAGE,” screams the Sun’s own leader. “OUTRAGE,” echoes the Mail. “OUTRAGE,” screams the chorus.

Readers see a list of songs approved for study by the Assessment and Qualification Alliance exam board.
Says one deputy headmaster – “a dad of two”:

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