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Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien honoured with mishappen statue

Football fans in Ghana have paid tribute to former Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien. They’ve erected a weird statue in his honour. The life-size totem to Essien stands in Kumasi, Ghana’s second city.




Photo: @addojunr/Twitter

Did the artist ever seen Essien in the flesh, or just view him on 8ibit video games?


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Coffin carriers break into a dance

THE funeral in Ghana is in full swing. The Casket Azonto Boys are for hire:

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TWE-TWE-TWENTY SIXTEEN!!!: Ghana Movie Trailer Of The Year

TWE-TWE-TWENTY SIXTEEN!!!: Ghana Movie Trailer Of The Year – The baby gets kicked:

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Woman Chews Off Man’s Scrotum: Palm Wine Tappers On High Alert

TO Ghana, where Akosua Serwaa Bonsu , 31, has been arrested for chomping off the scrotum of one Kwadwo Owusu, 55, causing his testicles to fall out. At Bekwai Circuit Court, she will answer charges of causing bodily harm and aggravated assault.

Detective Sergeant Stephen Ofori says Mr. Owusu was returning from a funeral when he was attacked. Bonsu “emerged from nowhere and engaged Kwadwo Owusu in a quarrel, during which she decided to chomp off his testicles“:

Akosua Serwaa Bonsu claimed her victim, a palm wine tapper, had poked his nose into her affairs by intervening in a brawl between her and another unnamed lady in the early hours of the day. She allegedly told Kwadwo Owusu she was going to teach him a lesson as she pushed him onto the ground and bit off chunks of his scrotum…

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Mary Sagoe, 65, Catches Robber By His Testicles

TO Ghana, where 65-year-old Ghanaian Mary Sagoe has apprehended burglar Daniel Richard Ikechukwu by grabbing hold of his testicles. She held on until police arrived. One other robber, known as Lucky, escaped.

When police searched Ikechukwu, they found on his person: 15 live cartridges, a dagger, and a lady’s bag and belt.

The caper went something like this: the men, both Nigerian, pounced on Sophia Sagoe, who has been parked her Kia Sportage at her mother’s home. When Ms Sagoe went to pick her car which she had parked in front of the house, the villains pounced. At the point of a gun, Ms Sagoe surrendered her car keys.

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Man Eating Pigs Run Riot In Ghana

MAN-eating pigs are at large in Ghana.

Pigs have invaded Birem. They are digging up graves and eating human carcasses

The pigs then drink from the local river, thus polluting it with bits of dead human flesh.

The Biremhene, Nana Baffuor Agyekum, makes an appeal. He’s talking with local telly host Ali Baba:

I am, on behalf of my people, passionately appealing to the government to come to our aid by instructing the pig owners to provide shelter for the pigs to stop them from entering the cemetery.”

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England Run Out Words To Describe Ghana

ENGLAND drew 1-1 with Ghana. It was a game that ebbed and flowed like John Terry’s loyalty sacks. Fabio Capello, the England boss who says he needs only 100 words to speak with his team (and that includes 93 words for ”mama mia!”) was heard uttering the words: “Six million spondulics a year for this! Ha-ha-ha.”

But if you want to know about the power of words, look to the journalists. So. Let’s take a look at their views on England’s Leighton Baines.

Oliver Holt (Daily Mirror) she he was “superb“. Paul Hayward (Guardian) says he “earned high marks“.  Sachin Nakrani (Guardian) calls him a loser. And under the headline “Not too Leight for wannabes“, the Sun gives the Everton defender five out of ten.

Such are the facts, readers, from your expert hacks.

You can have a go at finding words for these photos:

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Male Fetish Priest Gives Birth to Daughter In Ghana

MR KWABENA Benie, of Ghana’s Sefwi Wiawso District, has given birth to a baby girl.

Mr Kwabena Benie, 24, is self-styled “senior fetish priest” of the Apomasu shrine at Sefwi Apemtamadi. On Tuesday August 10, 2010, he gave birth to a daughter through his vagina. He named her Abena Apomasu.

In Sefwi Aboduam, hundreds of people mass to see the wonder that is priest Nana Kwabena Benie.

Says the Ghana report:

Kwabena Benie, whose chest was as flat as a man’s, wore a white ‘kaba cloth’, a wig and black and white accessories to match.

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Teaching Tabloid Journalism And Other Superstitions In Ghana

IN Africa the journalists are preoccupied with politics and superstition:

Mr. Saeed Yakubu, News Editor of Luv FM, a Kumasi-based radio station, noted that many radio stations employed untrained journalists and radio presenters…

He urged the students to be circumspect in their writing, when they come out, to avoid any legal suits.

Saeed made reference to a research conducted by the Media Commission, which revealed that radio stations in Kumasi devoted 70% of their airtime to politics and superstition, and advised the students to desist from such practices, by devoting equal attention to all the sectors that would help move Ghana forward.

Politics. Superstition. Which will be first British tabloid to publish in Africa..?

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