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Why giving away money is good for your mental health

WHEN the Sun discovered Claire Squires was making news for having died at the London Marathon, it asked readers to Make It a Million. The paper embraced Claire in its halo logo and exhorted the world to give. Of course, donors didn’t need the Sun. It’s more likely that the Sun needed Claire Squires. It gave £5,000 to showcase its good heart and make itself feel better. The paper’s grandstanding might stick in the craw, but if money is raised and people feel good for giving, then what harm done? The Sun is cynical. But  the person who wrote the paper’s cheque might not be. Indeed, the chances are that they like to give. It make you feel good. Giving under your own free will is good for your mental wellbeing:

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2010 Governors’ Ball In Pictures, Giving, Music And Eating The Rich

GOVERNOR David A. Paterson joined Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and others at the 2010 Governors’ Ball for the National Governors’ Association in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. Michlle Obama met Harry Connick Jr and his band and cuddled children. And told the children: “These guys aren’t just playing music and earning money and performing, but they’re community leaders, too. And that’s really important for you guys, too, because it’s not just if you can sing and dance, but what do you give back?” And it you can get sticking rich and get off your face in the process of giving, then all to the good…


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First Lady Michelle Obama raises her glass as US President Barack Obama delivers toast remarks at the 2010 Governors' Ball for the National Governors' Association in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. on February 21, 2010. Photo by Ron Sachs/ABACAUSA.COM (Pictured: Michelle Obama)

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