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Just Like The Greens, UKIP Try To Shut Down Free Speech

free speech

THE METRO heralded the arrival of “the tweet police”, the anti-free speech brigade who nick you for saying nasty things (but only if the target is a popular one). The story went that the twitter cops had called on Green Party member Michael Abberton. He had mocked up a UKIP poster on Twitter. He was “fact checking” UKIP’s ten-point party policy.

UKIP councillor offended. (So much for the stiff-upper lip.) They contacted the police. And the police, in their wisdom, laced up their heavy boots and went over to have a word with the tweeter.

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Nuclear War Bad For Climate, Say Greens

“THE Green Party has expressed concern at reports from scientists that the increased tension between Russia and the USA over the Russia-Georgia conflict has increased the threat of an accidental nuclear war.”

Do not press the button. Must not press the button…

Steven Starr’s article in the Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) Newsletter, describes the possibility of accidental launches of thousands of US and Russian nuclear weapons which are being maintained on high alert and the devastating consequences for the world based on the latest environmental assessments of “nuclear winter” using advanced climate models.

Nuclear bombs are bad for the environment. Although a nuclear winter may cure global warming, and increase (mushroom) cloud cover….

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Austria For Green Shirts, Black Shirts And Brown Shirts

IN Austria, the neo-Nazis are on the march.

If the fascists at the Freedom Party (Freedom from anything not like us – 18%), fascists at BZO (Alliance for the Future of Austria – 11%) and the fascists at the Green Party (the Green Shirts – 9.8) collaborated, they could form a minority Government.

Then we could install cameras, seal Austria and watch the experiment unfold…

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