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Three Asians Dead In Birmingham: Blacks And Poor Whites Are Hate Figures In ‘Looming Race War’

HAROON Jahan, 21,Shazad Ali, 30, his brother, Abdul Musavir, 31, are dead. They were on the street protecting their area of Birmingham when they were killed by car. The three men are of Pakistani origin. The two men in the car were black. A man has been arrested on suspiscion of murder.

The papers are quick to praise them.

The Daily Star calls them “HEROES” on its front page. The Mirror agrees. They are once more front-page “heroes“.

The tabloids love to protect a story in monochrome black and white. And black is bad. Working class white is worse – they are the one group it is still alright to call names and insult. Colour matters. The Times talks of a “looming race war“:

Tension crackled like static on the dusty streets of Winson Green yesterday. In a city whose Asian and African-Caribbean communities have not always enjoyed harmonious relations, young British Pakistanis gathered in huddles predicting a looming race war… Lost on no one was the ethnicity of the men in two cars which at 1.10am on Wednesday were driven at speed directly into a group standing on the pavement outside a petrol station.

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