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High-five horrors: James Faulkner pokes Brad Haddins in the eye

HIGH-Five horrors presents James Faulkner fluffing the god-awful high-five and poking Brad Haddins right in the eye. Slapping flesh might be good enough for the Americans, but if the Australians see any value in the Commonwealth and links to Great Britain they must surely be manifest in a smart, brisk handshake. British Colonialism  might be old hat, but standards never go out of fashion. It’s signs of American imperialism you need to watch out for – literally:

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Want to see a bee give a pub drinker a high five – here you go

high five bee

IF you wanted official confirmation of the British summer, then look no further than the fact that bees have started giving high-fives to shrieking, drunk humans.

Now, this may sound like some kind of hallucination, but there’s video evidence!

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