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Ryan Donovan: How The Media Lied About HMS Astute ‘Shooter’ Reggie Moondogg

RYAN Donovan, aka Reggie Moondogg, is charged with the murder of Lieutenant commander Ian Molyneux and three counts of attempted murder aboard HMS Astute. The media reacts to the submarine sailor.

The Daily Mail tells readers:

“A simple Google search would have alerted the Royal Navy that the submariner held over a gun killing led a secret double life as a rapper named Reggie Moondogg.”

A simple Google search unveiled a “secret life”? Er..? Go on:

Social networking websites reveal that he wrote a series of violent rap songs in which he boasted about being ‘big and mean’ and a ‘serious sinner’ and talked about ‘dead presidents’.

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Posted: 11th, April 2011 | In: Key Posts, Reviews | Comments (4)