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Life is imitating Laurent Chéhère: house flies away

Missing house


Life is imitating Laurent Chéhère, whose “Flying Houses” are “reconstructed houses appear to float in a silvery sky”. In Klamath County, Oregon, a 1,200 square foot house has vanished. Did it fly away?

Sheriff Frank Skrah tells media:

“We had a complete home stolen. This isn’t a motor home, this isn’t a mobile home and this is a ‘home…  it was on the foundation you see it on now.”



As for Laurent Chéhère, well, his hosues are msemerising:


Flying-Houses1 Flying-Houses2 Flying-Houses3 Flying-Houses4 Flying-Houses5 Flying-Houses6 Flying-Houses7 flying houses




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Kardashian Functional Sex and Beckingham Palace

THE Kardashians are a gruesome spectacle, determined to tell us all about the ins-and-outs of their lives. Quite literally. Of course, we saw the ins-and-outs of Kim’s life when her sex tape with Ray J got leaked online, turning her into a star overnight. Since then, she’s… well… done very little of worth, apart from a very brief marriage to a man who throws balls at a hoop for a living.

With the untold wealth that comes with Kim K’s life, she’s looking at buying a house in Europe. A bedsit in Montrose? A terrace in Telford? Of course not! She’s looking at buying Beckingham Palace – David and Victoria Beckham’s mansion in Hertfordshire.

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Rats Decide It Is Payback Time In Glee Star Matthew Morrison House

GLEE star, Matthew Morrison, has a house filled with rats who, quite rightly, have decided that he should pay for his role peddling shit in the awful warbling television smash.

While Morrison (the half-brother of soul singer Mark Morrison) has been seen hurling autotuned words from his mouth at us all, despite the fact we’ve done nothing that deserves such inhumane treatment, rats have moved into his house with the hope of loading up his expensive carpet with all manner of diseases, previously thought eradicated.

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