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Sports Direct: human rights and Mike Ashley’s legal redress

Former BBC staffer Paul Mason is making some sort of point about Sports Direct and Newcastle United FC tycoon Mike Ashley and his underlings:

What is striking, when you consider the modern reality of precarious work and coercive management, is how the concept of human rights stops at the factory gate.

Human rights?


Paul Mason sports direct


The workers of Georgian England had no democratic rights or access to law. But the 21st century is supposed to be an age of universal rights. Every one of the practices described at Sports Direct appears to not just have broken employment law, but also violated the human right of the citizen not to be bullied, shamed, endangered or sexually harassed.

So things are better now because there are laws and human rights. Sports Direct’s working practises can be tested in a court of law. The workers have redress. Things are much improved. So what exactly is Mason’s point?

Spotter: Guardian

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Russian State TV says gays have hearts that aren’t fit for life

Activists stage a theatrical play where gay people are restrained by others wearing masks depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a protest against Russia's new law on gays, in central London, Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013. Hundreds of protesters, called for the Winter 2014 Olympic Games to be taken away from Sochi, Russia, because of a new Russian law that bans "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" and imposes fines on those holding gay pride rallies. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

RUSSIAN politicians hate gay people. Quite why, it isn’t clear. Have they even heard Mighty Real by Sylvester? Clearly not because that’s the greatest pop song ever made and on impact, it turns even the worst git into a whirling disco machine in love with gay culture.

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Woman refused barber shop haircut says her human rights have been violated

FAITH McGregor (woman) wanted her hair cut like a “businessman” at the Terminal Barber Shop. But Omar Mahrouk, co-owner of the barbers in Toronto, Canda, declined. He said that to cut Faith’s hair went against his Muslim faith. He would only cut hair of a female relative. Unless Ms McGregor was willing to offer her hand before her head, the deal was off.

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Libyan homophobe makes UN Human Rights Council an still bigger joke

MORE enlightening news from a member of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. A Libyan diplomat told the UN: “Gays threaten the future of the human race.” The comment was picked up by UN Watch. But, oddly, no news organ gives the nem of the Libyans “envoy” who said it. Pink News writes:

“Protesting the council’s first panel discussion on discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, scheduled for March 7th, Libya’s representative told the gathering of ambassadors today that LGBT topics “affect religion and the continuation and reproduction of the human race.”

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Human Rights Laws Help Jon Venables And Shropshire Child Sex Traffickers

HUMAN Rights for human wrongs. The Supreme Court says that placing anyone on the sex offenders’ register for life is a breach of their human rights. David Cameron says the ruling is “offensive”. The new rule would allow for anyone on the register to appeal after 15 years.

Sex crimes are always big news. The front page of the Times reports on the nine men who sold underage girls and teenagers as “sexual commodities”. At Stafford Crown Court was told, seven girls form the Shropshire town of Wellington, near Telford, are said to have had sex with men.

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Spotting Paedophiles In McDonald’s

“SEX offenders are being allowed trips to McDonald’s,” says the Star.

“Health bosses at a secure hospital are worried about breaching human rights.” Well, in that case don’t take them to the home of the international murder burger.

But too late.

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