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Are The Stone Roses Going To Ruin Our Year By Reforming?

THE Stone Roses – a band who made one decent LP, followed it up with a collection of odds-and-sods, then bowed out with a sludgy blokerock LP that avowed contrarians defend to the hilt – may be reuniting to pay off some mortgages and generally remind everyone just how awful they were live.

Of course, it was roughly one year ago that this persistent rumour was last muttered about, and it probably has as much truth in it as it ever has.

However, there’s legions of slightly balding men in Adidas shell-toes and cod-mod parkas all desperate to see the return of a band they could never quite let go of.

With that, the Ben Sherman crew will be pink with glee and fizzing at the mouth with nostalgia at the reports that Ian Brown and John Squire have made friends after not speaking for around 15 years.

Apparently, the two muttered to each other about playing together again after meeting at bandmate Mani’s mum’s funeral. Nice to see two lads talking business while a corpse slowly goes cold before them.

It’s said that Ian broke the ice at the wake, as well as displaying one of the longest faces in rock ‘n’ roll. Before long they were hugging, back-slapping and reminiscing about the good times.”

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RockNess In Pictures: Ian Brown Shows Blondie The Real Face Of Music

DEBBIE Harry made it from the Isle of White to Inverness in time to sing a few Blondie hits at RockNess. She looked good. Too good. And when we saw Ian Brown looking like you’d expect someone to look who said that when the Stone Roses split they fell into two camps: “We had two buses – the coke bus and the weed bus.” Although he did also say: “Because of my cheekbones people think I’m a crackhead.” (He’s not.) So. Brown looks authentic, the northern Keith Richards. And Blondie looks a Surrey divorcee on Blondie karaoke night. Still. Good sing-along fun. Pictures:


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Debbie Harry of Blondie performs during the RockNess music festival near Inverness, Scotland.

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Jay Z Plays The Camden Roundhouse, Pictures

JAY Z, the US rapper, was performing on stage at The Roundhouse in Camden, north London last night.

Alexis Petridis was also there:

Among the venue’s forthcoming attractions are Enter Shikari, Yo La Tengo, and a night featuring Let’s Talk Tactics, Personal Space Invaders and Toxic Funk Berry, all of who clearly haven’t. By his standards, it’s effectively a gig in a Scouts’ hut with Akela’s brother doing the lights.

The Roundhouse is a venue more in need of Jay Cloth than Jay Z.

Also there was Ian Brown, the former lead singer of the Stone Roses who these days look like what you’d imagine his mum to look like when sucking a lemon sherbet. He’s got a new album out.

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