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The Guardian wants richer unpaid interns to apply for its work placement scheme

WHAT does the Guardian think of unpaid internships?

‘Join the fight against unpaid internships’ – Unless students refuse to work for free, employers will continue to exploit them, argues campaigner Libby Page

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Posted: 9th, January 2013 | In: Money | Comment (1)

The Times uses interns to write in as the paper’s readers

WHAT do readers think of The Times? You can find out in the paper’s  You The Editor section, which “invites readers to pass judgement on the previous day’s newspaper”.

Readers like James Rothwell, “a student at Wadham College, Oxford.”

Yet another Times souvenir edition yesterday, but their frequency of these special issues is justified because public enthusiasm for the Games is far from flagging….Ben Macintyre’s article on Osama Bin Laden’s death in Opinion cleverly opposed commercial and political interests in filmmaking… a fantastic cut out of Lady Gaga on a motorbike, that really stood out….Finally Helen Rumshaw’s TV cops piece was a hidden gem, but it deserved more prominence.

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Posted: 5th, September 2012 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)