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Jack Tweed ‘Sex Attack’ Caught On Camera, Jade Goody Returns

7744677HAPPY days at the Jack Tweed Fan Club where their man is no longer Mr Jade Goody. Thanks to an alleged rape Jack Tweed is becoming his own celebrity, as the Daily Star screams from its front page:


No mention of Jade. Indeed, Jack Tweed is now so famous that he is simply “JACK”. The news does come equipped with a picture of Jade Goody, aka Mrs Jack Tweed, but the impetus is with Jack.

Anorak had long wondered how the Jade Goody brand would be kept alive? There was talk of Joe Malone embalming fluids and a Big Brother special. But it was all a bit thin. But now thanks to Jack we can look forward a sex tape. Or not:

Jack Tweed’s alleged rape attack could have been caught on a mobile phone camera.

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Posted: 7th, September 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (5)