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X Factor: Sex Pistols, Jamelia And Paul McCartney Ride The Jedward Bandwagon

johnnyrotten_jedwardX FACTOR’S Duracell Gonks Jedward can be used to advertise any popstar’s existence. Today, Sir Paul McCartney “reveals he loves X Factor twins Jedward” and Sex Pistols singer-turned-butter vendor John Lydon says “the tone deaf twins, John and Edward Grimes, serve a purpose because they are so bad that they make other acts look brilliant by comparison”.

But the pick of the bunch must be Jamelia, the one-hit wonder who offers:

Singer Jamelia has said that she will not be watching ‘The X Factor’ any more following John and Edward’s exit.

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Posted: 27th, November 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comments (2)

Move Like Michael Jackson: A BBC TV Talent Show

michael-jackson-heavenBBC Three might well be less alive than Michael Jackson, the man it seeks to laud with a new six-part dance series called Move Like Michael Jackson.

This is great news for dads at discos and weddings who can now lie prone on the floor and claim to be moving like Michael Jackson.

It turns out that the show is not a séance hosted by Derek Acorah wired to a car battery, ready to channel Jacko’s dance at the turn of a key but a thing so wonder hosted by Radio 1’s Reggie Yates.

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