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Face Of The Day: Janice Dickinson’s Natural Beauty

LONDON Fashion week: The front row of the Julien MacDonald show was unusual. Janice Dickinson’s natural beauty can suck in an entire face and take the air from the room, so they say…

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American Idol: Randy Rainbow Proves That Steve Tyler Is Janice Dickinson

RANDY Rainbow explains why you have not been watching this season’s American Idol – and why you don’t need to. And – yep – Steven Tyler is Janice Dickinson:

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I’m A Celebrity: Katie Price’s Lesbian Milf Affair And Therapy

janice-dickinson-lesbianI’M A Celebrity Watch: Anorak’s daily look at the jungle show in the news: Katie Price’s jungle therapy, lesbian affair, Milf credentials and proud kids.

Katie Price is not yet in the overgrown Blue Peter garden – but she still manages to be the only contestant to feature on any tabloid front pages.

In readiness for Jordan’s arrival, a swinging bench love seat has been erected on the spot where Peter Andre and Jordan fell for each other in 2004.

Producer Marty Benson admitted: “We want canoodling. The swing offers them some privacy. Hopefully they’ll talk about the other people in the camp. It’s surrounded by cameras, so we’ll capture everything they do on the swing. It’s located where Peter Andre wrote Insania in series three. It seemed appropriate somehow.”


Katie Price has heard that Samantha Fox is a lesbian. Not a lesbian who pushes her big naked chest into another girl’s chest on Page 3 or has had her breasts groped by Trinny ‘The Tranny’ Woodall or Gok Wan, but an actual lesbian.

You know like, er, celebrity jungle alumni Janice Dickinson:

Janice, 54, who has flown to Australia for the ITV2 spin-off show Get Me Out Of Here Now, told the Daily Star: “Jordan is great. We had a lesbian affair on the flight over. It was great. We joined the mile high club. I didn’t know her until now.”

Not a grope on the flight but a full-blown affair, with dates, furtive texts, tears, melancholic taxi rides through rainy streets and loadsa shagging.

So expect lots of lesbian sex. As the Sun says:

Fumble in the jungle? Not at any Price

Phwoaar!!! In other news, we look at Katie’s mental health:

Daily Mirror: “I’m NOT nuts”

Beneath a picture of Katie Price looking like she emerged from Dr Frankenstein’s Cosmetic Studios – a child beauty pageant heads stuck onto a pair of Ford fiesta airbags and Barbies body – readers hear:

“For others, it’s a game show. For me, it’s closure. I’m going back to a place where a big fairytale began for me.

“I met my husband, I had two more beautiful children and six years on I’ve been married, divorced, ready to go back in. I’ve had a crap year and the fairytale has ended. I’m going in for closure.”

It’s not a telly show – it’s a place for Jordan to exorcise her demons. It’s therapy.

“People think I’m breaking down, I’ve lost the plot, I’m not a good mum, I’m a man-eater. They’ve got all these perceptions but I think that when people see me again, like last time, they’ll see I’m grounded, if not more grounded.”

See the Daily Star’s story all-too-unbelievable story about her being grounded aboard a Jumbo Jet Down Under before she sucks down a kangaroos genitals. This one’s for you, Pete. And the kids:

She said of her three children: “They’ll be able to watch me on telly and be proud of their mum.” But she also announced: “I am the jungle MILF” – referring to the cheeky term for “mum I’d like to f***”.

Mum I’d Like To **** is “cheeky” to the Sun. It makes you wonder what the tabloids consider crude.

Here’s Jordan to save a telly show that doesn’t need saving.

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I’m A Celebrity Janice Dickinson Takes A Dump

janice-dickinson-41HAVING endured the I’m A Celebrity Jungle in 2007, Janice Dickinson is now doing it in the American version.

Dickinson is an I’m A Celebrity vet. And talking of vets, if Janice were an animal she’d be in need of a vet to grease up the arm and dive in elbow deep. Janice is constipated.

This may be Janice’s preferred condition, it giving her that facial expression. But Janice wants it out. As Jezebel reports, Janice has not laid a super-model-size poo for seven days.

This means she is, possibly, heavier than her normal weight by at least a gram.

But shit will out. And if won’t come out via the Dickinson clutch bag, then it will find a new escape route…

Enjoy this exchange – and afterwards, wash your hands:









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Gemma Atkinson Pulls On Jack Osbourne’s Rubber

TODAY Gemma Atkinson will be telling Daily Star readers about her “WILD ROMPS” with Jack Osbourne.

Jack is the son of vibrating pop sensation Ozzy Osbourne and pixie-voiced house-poo enthusiast Sharon Osbourne. Jack also wears glasses. That’s Jack.

Gemma is a former soap actress, wannabe Wag and the owner of two signed Cristiano Ronaldo that she keeps close to her heart beneath the skin on her chest.

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