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Mother-of-four Jerry Hall and billionaire Rupert Murdoch to marry

In the Times’ Births, Marriages and Deaths, an announcement has been made: Jerry Hall is to marry Rupert Murdoch. What the billionaire sees in the mother of four we cannot be cerain. But there it is.


Jerry Hall murdoch the times announcement


You can imagine Murdoch booking the advert in his own paper.

Times: BM & Ds. Hello…

RM: It’s about Rupert Murdoch..

Times: He’s had a baby?

RM: Not yet. He’s having a babe. It’s Jerry Hall. She’s marrying Rupert Murdoch.

Times: Murdock. With a ‘ck’?

RM: Naw! CH you dozy bint.

Times: Jerry, as in Jeremy?

RM: I’m no nooftah! It’s JERRY! It’s a girl’s name.

There will be cynics who knock and lampoon the man and the woman. But love will out.



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Jerry Hall Says Surgery Is Wrong For ‘Normal Women’ Not On LSD

PA-20580833Former top model Jerry Hall says women who undergo cosmetic surgery turn into “grotesque caricatures”. She tells Hello!:

“Why make yourself look a grotesque caricature of yourself? They don’t fool anyone. They look like pathetic, insecure creatures… I don’t mean to be critical, and I understand that actresses feel the pressure in Hollywood. They have to do it. I respect that and I feel sorry for them that they have to do it.

“But for normal women to do it? If men want to leave their wife for a 19-year-old, they’re gonna do it anyway. All the facelifts and Botox in the world isn’t going to change that guy, you know?”

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