Anorak News | Jerry Hall Says Surgery Is Wrong For ‘Normal Women’ Not On LSD

Jerry Hall Says Surgery Is Wrong For ‘Normal Women’ Not On LSD

by | 1st, December 2014

PA-20580833Former top model Jerry Hall says women who undergo cosmetic surgery turn into “grotesque caricatures”. She tells Hello!:

“Why make yourself look a grotesque caricature of yourself? They don’t fool anyone. They look like pathetic, insecure creatures… I don’t mean to be critical, and I understand that actresses feel the pressure in Hollywood. They have to do it. I respect that and I feel sorry for them that they have to do it.

“But for normal women to do it? If men want to leave their wife for a 19-year-old, they’re gonna do it anyway. All the facelifts and Botox in the world isn’t going to change that guy, you know?”

Good job the woman whose looks have earned her a career in showbiz and pop doesn’t mean to be critical of ‘Normal’ women.

It was Jerry Hall who said on daughter Elizabeth’s modelling success: “Mick was against it at first but he’s ok now. She made $60 000 in one week – what can you say?”

You can say, “Who needs good genes and surgery when you have a good name?” Hall also noted:

The idea of being a model started when I was invited to a party. A boy gave me LSD without telling me what it was. I locked myself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out, not knowing what was happening to me. All I remember is looking in the mirror and thinking: ‘You’re really beautiful. You should be a model.’

Others look in the mirror, look at the Vogue cover model with the amazing, gilded life founded on her looks, and see something else.


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