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Jon Venables Is An Election Pawn: Labour Fears As Tories Turn Screws

JAMES Bulger: The Jon Venables conundrum is reaching to the globe’s far corners. In Australia the end result is seen as Venables being used as a pawn in the UK’s election game.

This afternoon’s (tomorrow morning already on Manley Beach) Saturday issue of the Sydney Morning Herald takes a long look at the re-call to jail of James Bugler’s joint killer and comes to the conclusions probably already reached by many here in Anorak.

The paper’s Paolo Totaro reviews the original crime, the return to jail of 27-year-old Venables and says Britain is confronting a new chapter as the justice system grapples with “a child murderer who has grown up and, despite a new identity, freedom and adulthood, is clearly not psychologically equipped to live a normal life.”

James Bulger Case in pictures

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