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Michael Jackson Puts His Kids In Child Abuse Horror Story

jackson-maskMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson wrote a horror story for children, starring his children. [Ed – wait for decent period of media mourning (an hour should do it) and then insert comment about Wacko Jacko’s face and mask here.]

The News of the World has more:

TORMENTED Michael Jackson wrote a chilling horror story about a CHILD ABUSER and SERIAL KILLER starring HIS OWN KIDS.

Is this a thought crime? Was it a picture book? And what of this “child abuser”?

The sickening tale – called Kids on Swings – is a nightmare vision of Prince Michael II and Jacko’s daughter Paris falling into the clutches of a fiend who slaughters children with a ‘sling blade’.

Or to put it another way:

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Posted: 28th, June 2009 | In: Celebrities, Reviews | Comments (9)