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Michael Jackson Puts His Kids In Child Abuse Horror Story

by | 28th, June 2009

jackson-maskMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson wrote a horror story for children, starring his children. [Ed – wait for decent period of media mourning (an hour should do it) and then insert comment about Wacko Jacko’s face and mask here.]

The News of the World has more:

TORMENTED Michael Jackson wrote a chilling horror story about a CHILD ABUSER and SERIAL KILLER starring HIS OWN KIDS.

Is this a thought crime? Was it a picture book? And what of this “child abuser”?

The sickening tale – called Kids on Swings – is a nightmare vision of Prince Michael II and Jacko’s daughter Paris falling into the clutches of a fiend who slaughters children with a ‘sling blade’.

Or to put it another way:

Jackson fantasised about his children falling into a demon’s hands and being chopped into little bits. Depends what angle you approach the story from. Is Jackson the great entertainer or the nut? Just make the facts fit your narrative.

He stabs Prince, sending him into a coma as they try to escape his clutches.

And in case you think Jackson’s mind was full of such images:

The King of Pop penned the story when he visited the UK in 2006 – a year after he was acquitted of child abuse charges. It gives a warped insight into the tormented mind of the entertainer who suffered repeated beatings at the hands of his own violent father Joe.

A blood-curdling cry for help? Fact and fiction. Do you confuse the two, like the NOTW?

The story is written in a childlike scrawl in black and blue pens on the back of letters and pictures of an Irish Georgian Castle.

The handwriting. Always the handwriting. Remember Raymond Hewlett’s scrawled handwriting?

Written as a play, it tells how Paris, 11, and seven- year-old Prince Michael II are playing on swings until the boy becomes ‘disinterested’ and runs off. “He runs to the brook skipping past rocks silhouetted against a crystal lake,” Jacko wrote.

A pack of wild dogs then chase the pair as Paris screams for her ‘DAD.

No! No! No!

In the next disturbing scene, the infants spot a man working in a field with a sling blade. “We see him working but we can’t see his face,” Jackson wrote.

Can’t see his face… How creepy is that?!

The badly spelled story then takes a sinister turn as the identity of the fiend is revealed.

Spotty face?

The character of Prince tells his sister: “He murdered his wife and no one ever sees his kids cause he keeps them tied to the bed like his wife, before he murdered her. He starves them FIRST then he murdered them, Paris.”

His terrified sister admits to being scared before asking how he killed them. “He did it with a sling blade Paris,” he adds. The 13-page story is believed to have been written while the eccentric entertainer was doped up on a cocktail of powerful narcotic pain killers.

Believed by whom is not said. But believed is all.

In the next scene Prince and Paris are in bed – too frightened to sleep. A twisted passage then describes how the monster got a facial scar.

“He starved a man for 2 weeks,” it reads. “Just before killing him they had a fight. The guy he was trying to kill grabbed the knife to attack him. And he cut him over the eyes.”

A nip here. A tuck there…

“He then got scared and ran into what they call the endless BLACK FOREST . . . he was never found again. Because they say there is no way out of the endless Black Forest.”

Germans. Always the German and there dastardly balconies

The bizarre closing lines read: “He pulls the Toys from his jacket. What was broken is now mended, Fixed Paris. He didn’t steal our toys Prince he fixed them. KIDS are happy to see their fixed toys again.

“Man gets up, walks to the door right before he exits Prince says thank you they exchange smiles and we see him.”

And die?

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