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Barack Obama: Trevor Philips, Lex Wotton And Lewis Hamilton PM

BARACK Obama Watch: living with post-racial politics.

SKY NEWS: “If Barack Obama had lived here I would be very surprised if even somebody as brilliant as him would have been able to break through the institutional stranglehold that there is on power within the Labour Party,” Trevor Phillips told The Times.”

Trevor Phillips clings on to the arcane belief that Obama is black.

Trevor is the chairman of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission. If there’s no race, his job might be already covered by the Lesbian and Gay Alliance, or that big nebulous group many call “women”.

THE AUSTRALIAN: “Palm Island rioter Lex Wotton gets six years jail.”

The riot started in the wake of the release of autopsy results into the death of Doomadgee, a local man who died in police custody from massive internal injuries.

Says his lawyer:

“In the new age of Obama, it will be interesting to see how this trial will be viewed given the changing political landscape.”

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Posted: 8th, November 2008 | In: Politicians | Comments (6)