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Arturas Zoukas, Mayor Of Vilnius, Runs Over Badly Parked Car In Armoured Personnel Carrier: Photos

MEET Arturas Zoukas, mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania. He hates illegal parking. He loves bike lanes. That’s him in his family’s peddle-powered armoured personnel carrier running over a badly parked Mercedes-Benz on the school run…

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Lithuania Labels Exported Food With Official Swastika – Marketing Fail

LITHUANIA loves the swastika. It invites you to eat the swastika. In Moscow, you can buy imported Lithuanian food with the swastika on it – a kite mark for murderous hate and civic pride. Oh, no. the swastika is not Nazi symbol, adopted by Lithuanian death squads in World War 2. The swastika is part of the country’s heritage. So says the Klaipeda court. Still, as marketing goes, it could be better…

Puke Chips – The World’s Worst Product Names


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