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Ed Miliband’s bong show – The best local election photos of 2012

THE local elections were rolling news dullsville. Only 30 percent of us bothered to vote vote. The rest – a whopping 70% – are allergic to school halls and opted to remains elsewhere. This group could have opted for a postal vote. But 89% of Britons only use email, so that was weird. The highlights – and there were some, were the BNP getting annihilated (there’s always panto); the LibDems getting beaten by a man dressed as a penguin in Edinburgh; Ed Miliband getting egged by a man who really does have egg on his hands; Ed Miliband (gain) being photographed with a bong; and that divisive dictatorial miserabilist Ken Livingstone finally being able to concetrate on his media career…


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Posted: 4th, May 2012 | In: Politicians | Comment