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Tory Blog Says Muggers Are Gypsies Trying To Be Black

THE right-wing London Spin blog recalls the following event:

A MEMBER of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the the Tory Party, has been mugged by a cunning gang of gypsies at a Posh Chelsea watering hole, London Spin can reveal. The victim was attending a secret strategy dinner discussing campaign planning with another female attendee when he was approached by the gang. The fraudsters were trying to flog a fake pearl necklace and aggressively asked for the victim’s female companion to ‘try on’ the dodgy gems.

After a stern exchange, the con artists fled the scene, and five minutes later the activist discovered his £200 iPhone was missing from the table. Speaking exclusively to London Spin, he said: “They came over to our table offering the dodgy necklace, which we didn’t want to buy. They were quite pushy about it and on reflection it was clearly a cunning plan to distract our attention while they swiped my mobile. It was a very slick operation; I suspected they’d used some kind of ancient gypsy magic on me.”

The activist was so angry he alerted cops.

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Posted: 26th, August 2011 | In: Politicians | Comments (4)