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Bloody Sunday In Pictures: Lord Saville, Lord Widgery, Facts Or Truth?

BLOODY Sunday. It took Lord Saville 12-years to inquire as to what went on in Northern Ireland. In 1972 British Paratroopers killed 13 civilians on a civil rights march in Derry City. How can it take so long? The inquiry has cot the taxpayer just under £200million. Thirteen dead. And the lawyers get the money.

Lord Widgery investigated in the immediate aftermath; an inquiry set up by then Home Secretary, Reginald Maudling. Irish nationalists dismissed it as a whitewash. Widgery’s report spoke of some of the victims being armed. But there was no proof that they were.

Father Edward Daly worked at St Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry. He gave testimony:

“They call themselves an army, it was utterly disgraceful. There was nothing fired at them, I can say that with absolute certainty because I was there.”

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