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Jimmy Savile: If only he’d swung his axe like Jimmy Page at Lori Maddox

THE media is great, isn’t it. The very people who say ‘how dare the tabloids not go after a breathing Jimmy Savile’ are the ones who say the tabloids should not publish half truths and be subject to strict guidelines and even stricter libel laws. ‘Jimmy Savile must never happen again,’ they say. ‘Journalists should be licensed,’ they say.

The big problem with journalism is when the writers are fans. Take Jimmy Page, the Led Zepellin guitarist who “dated” a 14-year old child when he was an adult. And look at Michael Hann’s piece in the Guardian on Celebration Day, a film about the band:

Led Zeppelin: ‘There was a swagger – we knew we were good’ – The film Celebration Day captures Led Zeppelin onstage in all their glory in 2007. The band discuss their musical legacy, reputation for excess – and why they will never reunite again.

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Posted: 12th, October 2012 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (6)