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Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal And Redmond Star In New Reality TV Show

redmond-o-neal-ryan-o-neal-arrestedFARRAH Fawcett dies and careers are launched and reborn: former Mrs Rod Stewart and Mrs George Hamilton, Alana Stewart, publishes her Farrah & Me diary of Farrah’s death in My Journey With Farrah: A Story of Life, Love And Friendship; then Anorak’s Man in LA hears that Farrah’s lover Ryan O’Neal and Redmond, the son he shared with Fawcett, are to get their own reality TV show. It being what Farrah Fawcett would have wanted:

Father of The Year Ryan O’Neal must be hell-bent on getting his and Farrah Fawcett’s son Redmond off drugs and on the straight and narrow. The man who took over Farrah’s cancer documentary after her health worsened, and with the help of producers from NBC Dateline turned it into a morbid soap opera in which he had a starring role, has reportedly brokered a deal for Redmond to begin filming a reality television series as soon as he’s sprung from prison.

And yes, Ryan O’Neal will be a costar.

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Posted: 26th, August 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (2)