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Mark-Francis Vandelli is the ‘King of awkward clangers’

Street Style - London Fashion Week 2013

OK!’s new columnist is Mark-Francis Vandelli. He’s one of the leading gilded chins on Made In Chelsea, the show that lets anarchists and rebels get to know their enemies movements before the revolution.

Vandelli is billed as the “king of put-downs”, an effete Bernard Manning? He is also the King of “awkward clangers”, a boast that might explain his gait.

OK wants to know what fab paries the 23-year-old with the double-barrelled first name has been to?

 “Fabulous parties are few and far between, because synergy between guests is rare. I’ve been to a lot of extraordinary parties, but the best have a positive vibe transfusing through people.”

Hearing that, Anorak would ask him what are the best drugs he’s ever taken at a party are. And if OK! is planning to pay him by the syllable…

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Made In Chelsea star’s ‘cocaine’ shame

THE Sun says Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has been “photographed sniffing cocaine in front of stunned fans”.

Matthews was “snapped by a disgusted reveller” at a party in Bath, Somerset.

How we know it’s cocaine is a point not addressed in the Sun (see Kate Moss sherbet dip-dab shocker). But what the paper does tell us is:

Fame-hungry Spencer, 23, even used his family’s vast wealth to buy up the photos in a bid to bury the potentially damaging story after copies were shared among pals.

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Spencer Matthews heads into Gaddafi

SPENCER Matthews, star of fly in the deck shoes show Made In Chelsea, poses in the bath with his pet gorilla (see legs), big watch and having pulled on a toweling robe (he’s 23!) tosses is hair and says to OK!:

“I’ve had some pretty bad car crashes because I really love driving. Then I had one involving Colonel Gaddafi’s son, but I’m not sure it’s right to speak about it. Let’s just say, we had a bit of a head clash in St Barth’s, when I didn’t known who he was – it was not ideal! I had to cut my hair and hide.”

Frustrating that by far and away the most interesting ever moment in Spencer’s life was not part of his reality TV existence, which instead features Spence and his chums doing their utmost to dodge anything meaningful or newsworthy on the telly…

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