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Madeleine McCann: A PR mistake with Antonio Castela

MADELEINE McCann: Five years ago today the child who became the media’s Our Maddie disappeared. The papers react to the sensational news that the Maddie Story is not dead yet.

The Sun (front page): “MUMMY, WE’ll HELP YOU FIND MADELEINE:

We see a photo of the family McCann, with the missing child and her younger twin siblings.

Page 4 and 5: “As the twins get older their desire to help the search for their sister will be even greater.”

One day they might ever read the details on the internet and join the ranks of armchair detectives. Right now twins Sean and Amelie are seven. Introducing them to the story in this way helps how?

Five years ago we told you that this story would run and run. Kate McCann agrees:

Kate, 44, said Sean had told her: “You know, Mummy, if you haven’t found Madeleine by the time we get older me and Amelie will find her.”

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