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The Daily Mail is more racist than football and Strictly Come Dancing (but not the Leveson Inquiry)

WRITING in defence of football’s designated position as a sport riddled with racism and in need to state control, lest the white working class fans race riot, Martin Samuels uses his Daily Mail column to compare the national sport to Strictly Come Dancing.

Samuels notices that Colin Salmon has been voted off BBC pro-celebrity dance show Strictly Come Dancing. Colin Salmon is black. He was voted off in a public vote. Samuels writes:

The past two weeks, Salmon has been inexplicably endangered by the public poll. On Sunday, his luck ran out. He performed nervously in the dance-off and was eliminated. Aside from Louis Smith, the Olympic gymnast, who is mixed race, Strictly is now all white on the night.

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Posted: 7th, November 2012 | In: Key Posts, Reviews | Comment (1)