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Alex MacFarlane, Mauro Demetrio and the anti-racist police’s lack of direction and value

AFTER PC Alex MacFarlane meet his colleague PC Joe Harrington. Harrington allegedly assaulted a 15-year-old black teenager at an east London police station. PC Joe Harrington has been placed on restricted duties. MacFarlane was recorded calling black 21-year-old Mauro Demetrio, 21, a “nigger”, allegedly. Another voice calls Demetrio a “cunt”. Harrington was with MacFarlane at the time of the Demetrio incident.

The alleged incidents occurred in the summer of 2011, in the shadow of the riots trigged by the police killing of Marc Duggan – the black man who never fired a bullet.

MacFarlane has been suspended.

Demetrio claims he saw Harrington allegedly attack the 15-year-old.

And that’s all we know. The Guardian says there is CCTV footage of the Harrington matter, but is grainy and might not be of any use.

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