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Michael Gove contemplates first class sex with his leggy au pair – Sarah Vine happy to watch

WORKING for a Government that can’t do maths must be tiresome for Education Secretary Michael Gove. You are trying to prove to the country that hard work and basic numeracy get you to the top whilst being ordered about by Fruit Ninja champion and former pothead David Cameron. The Tories love to tell you that competition matters, whilst bagging all the best jobs by dint of birth and access to cash and favours.

So. Here’s Gove’s wife, Sarah Vine, telling Times readers that she co-opted her au pair into running the mummies race at her children’s school sports day. It is not beyond parody, but it comes close. She reveals,“I met my husband on a skiing trip in Meribel (or Merryhell, as we liked to call it)” and that she admires “his ability to know when he was beaten.

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Posted: 30th, June 2012 | In: Politicians | Comment