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Michael Gove Wins Rupert Murdoch’s Order Of The Brown Nose

YOU know all that stuff about editors and hacks being in the pockets of their news organs’ owners? You know that stuff about the Tories and Rupert Murdoch being tighter than Angelina Jolie’s smile?

You know how the Times wants us to know that it is not the News of The World – it is, to borrow a phrase of William Hague’s – in News International but not ruled by News International?

Well, Michael Gove, a former Times writer now working as a Tory Cabinet Minister, says Murdoch’s great. And in case Rupert does not get the message – and he should take care when sitting down lest he suffocate Gove – the Times’ sub-editors create the headline:

Murdoch’s a phenomenon and I admire him, says minister

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Posted: 5th, October 2011 | In: Politicians | Comment (1)