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Did Warren Jeffs’ Mormon sect bury a cat alive in concrete?

MORMONISM is big news. Mitt Romney, a Mormon, wants to be President of the USA. Not since Joyce McKinney straddled the tabloids and the Osmonds tinkled the ivories (and more) have Mormons been so prominent. Mindful of this we learn of  Isaac Wyler.

Mr Wyler is no longer a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Six weeks ago, he found a live cat cemented into a metal tube in his garden at Colorado City, Arizona.

An Andrew Chatwin, also a former Mormon, claims this was a warning from the group.

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Mormon Porn Statue Erected In Hyde Park Dispenses Water

ANORAK could not help but notice that when Claire Sosna of the Royal Parks Foundation, with the help of Jazz, a Bernese Mountain Dog, tested a new drinking fountain designed for both dogs, children and adults in London’s Hyde Park she looked like she was modelling for Mormon porn…

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The Secret Magic Of Mormon Underwear

TRESA Edmunds want to talk about Mormon Underwear.

Having talked about their fabled magical qualities, she tell us:

For non-religious people, I am aware that this discussion might seem more ridiculous than sublime… So unless you would ask your Jewish friends about their magic beanies, maybe you should think twice about asking me so dismissively about my underwear.

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