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Magic mushroom grown poses for delightful mugshot

magic mushroom arrest mugshotTo western Pennsylvania, where police have arrested David Klab for allegedly growing psychedelic mushrooms in his rented apartment.

Police are unable to say if Mr Klab was under the influence at the time of his arrest and photoshoot.

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The Greatest Tattooed Mugshots Ever

ANORAK presents a collection of mugshots of tattooed faces and body parts for your study. Picture number 2 is a class act and one for the ladies; number 6 charts the progression of a career felon in facial alterations; number 7 is not someone you’d want to meet on a moonlit night; and our all time favourite is picture 12, which is a man with nose of trouble. Enjoy them all…

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Mugshots: The Funniest Ones And Bad Hair

MUGSHOT time, readers. Having seen those ironic T-shirts, and those tattooed faces, it’s time to show you the mug shots that are just plain funny and odd. Criminals do it with humour, readers. Some others do it with very bad hair. So, come on, perps, go the extra yard to brighten a copper’s day… Which one do you like best?

Tattoos On Faces – The Mughsots

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