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Bono Kicks Off World Cup With Nelson Mandela

bono-brownIN January 2009, Bono, the U2 frontman, Mr G9, wrote an OpEd for the New York Times that we believed to be a parody. To ensure that the new decade works for the good of mankind, Bono will be fronting a concert and lending his name to organic rubber wrist bands advocating tax-breaks for elder statesmen of rock.

Before we see what Bono has this year, let’s hark back to last year’s missive:

Once upon a couple of weeks ago …

I’m in a crush in a Dublin pub around New Year’s. Glasses clinking clicking, clashing crashing in Gaelic revelry: swinging doors, sweethearts falling in and out of the season’s blessings, family feuds subsumed or resumed. Malt joy and ginger despair are all in the queue to be served on this, the quarter-of-a-millennium mark since Arthur Guinness first put velvety blackness in a pint glass.

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