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Reaction to Twitter’s block on German Neo-Nazi group

TWITTER has decided, for the first time, to block German’s access to the account of a neo-Nazi group. This is the first time Twitter has decided to act on a policy known as “country withheld content”.

“Never want to withhold content; good to have tools to do it narrowly & transparently,” said Alex MacGillivray, the company’s general counsel, posted on Twitter Thursday morning in Germany.

“It’s not a great thing, but it’s a way of minimizing censorship,” said Jillian C. York, director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group. “It’s better for Twitter if they can keep countries happy without having to take the whole thing down.”

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Posted: 18th, October 2012 | In: Technology | Comment

Plan B: Accidental racist

CROCS. Mullets. Socks and sandals. Global Hypercolor knickers. They’re all pretty bad fashion faux-pas, but none really compare to one Plan B made, which made him look like a massive racist to which he’s had to apologise for.

Basically, Plan B appeared on the cover of Shorlist appearing to be a fan of Neo Nazism.

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Posted: 23rd, July 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment